N64 hacking

Hacking does have a bad ring to it, because it's often about breaching security. That does not have to be the case though. N64 console and games do not really have "security" other than a CRC. Hacking N64 games does really not have breaching security in the focus. It's about creating new content to games you love or loved. The only reason its called a "hack" is because it wasn't intended to be modded.

Zelda Occarina of Time - Randomizer - Navi hints and Saria repeat gossip hints

The Zelda OOT randomizer updated version by Testrunner and others, is a great way to keep the game interesting after a longer time.

I'm not the most hardcore Zelda gamer though, so I had the issue, that sometimes I got stuck in the randomized game, because I'm not aware of every possibility in the game.

So I made a asm-hack extension to the complex but well designed and polished hack, in which Navi, your companion in the game, tells you the location where you can progress, if you don't progress for a customizable time.

Current Version (May 2019):


The hack wasn't merged into the main branch, because of some things that could be improved. I was very new to the environment and hacking in general after all. I haven't found time to continue working on it.

The linked version should be fully functional though. I've tested it back in May 2019.

I'm not sure what's the current state.

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